I want to become a vendor, how can I participate?

You can fill out our online application here

How do you pick who gets selected to have a booth at the market?

We curate all of our events to meet the tastes and needs of a hip clientele. We review all applications carefully and consider the following points in our selection of vendors:

  • Local matters - we love supporting local vendors.
  • Date of application - the earlier you apply, the better.
  • Uniqueness of product - we love merchandise that isn't easy to find.
  • Quality of products - it's all about the finer things in life.
  • A balanced variety of merchandise showcased - you can call us crowd pleasers but we like to keep merchandise varied for our shoppers. 

I have been a vendor before at your market, do I need to fill out an application each time?

Yes, please re-submit another application.

I missed the deadline! Is it too late?

We're sorry that you missed the deadline! We can add you to our waiting list - please submit your application and contact us via e-mail at

What are all of the fees involved? 

Please see the related event details page for more info on applicable fees. 

I've applied. What are the next steps?

Thank you for your application! We carefully review all applications and will contact only those vendors who have been accepted.