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We're a collection of the city's finest local artists, craft-makers, photographers, designers, and foodies. We curate pop-up retail events that bring you the best mix of independent vendors paired with delicious food, drinks & music - which we ensure will foster good vibes. 



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Sarah is the team's creative champion. She has a keen eye for design and is key to keeping you all connected to TOUC on social media. Sarah's abnormal attention to detail also allows her to be pristine in handling event logistics. Sarah is a dark chocolate addict, a fitness enthusiast, but most of all, the proud mother of @CalitheBiewer.

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Nichole is the team’s lead and idea generating guru. On the team, she tends to wear multiple hats and dabbles in operations, partnerships, content curation, and technical things like web development. She is a maker herself and owns the Etsy shop, Modern Map Shop. Nichole is also a snowboarder, a violinist and a Harry Potter super fan.

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Simal is our partnerships master. She comes from a professional sales background and represents the team in sponsorship pitches, interviews & presentations. As a bookworm, an avid learner and a budding metalsmith, she strives to personify a true quaintrelle.



TOUC loves to support local and we are no different when it comes to giving back. We love supporting community charities and initiatives that have great causes behind them. Why? Well, doesn't it feel great to give a back to the World? Below are some charities that we've supported: 



Katie's Run is a charity dedicated to fundraising for epilepsy research. Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages. There are so many out there living with epilepsy and all its challenges, and the goal of Katie's Run is to help uncover the brilliance that will end epilepsy forever!

Visit their website to learn more.


Sketch is a charitable organization that provides creative training initiatives for street-involved, homeless and at-risk youth (ages 16-29). Their model of youth engagement enhances both practical and transferrable skills, while serving as a conduit for increased wellbeing and social and civic participation. Participants have endorsed the SKETCH model as an effective and life-affirming approach to surmounting the constraints and stigma of poverty, homelessness and marginalization.

Visit their website to learn more.